About Frasier Sterling

Back in 2011, Frasier Lipton set out to create the jewelry brand of her dreams, and she never looked back. She ran the company out of her apartment for years, handling everything on her own—from design to production and fulfillment, etc. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights, she made her dream brand a reality. She’s now supported by a team of hard-working women as Frasier Sterling continues to reach new heights year after year!

Frasier Sterling is now known for being a celeb-loved, trend-driven jewelry brand that will always stay affordable. What really sets us apart from other jewelry brands is our collection of custom pieces. Self-expression and individuality are both so important to us and our customers, and the growing demand for our customizable pieces proves this! Over the years, FS has been organically worn by some of the biggest trendsetters and celebs around.

“My mission now is to create cute, affordable pieces so girls can set trends without breaking the bank! I love that I make pieces that Bella and Gigi Hadid, Sofia Richie and Madison Beer wear but everyone else can also afford.”

Frasier Sterling is female-owned AND operated! We all truly embody the FS customer, and our passion for the brand shows through everything we put out into the world. We all really, really love what we do. Our customer base is made up of mostly Gen Z women, and we find it extremely important to lead by example. Consistently promoting kindness, self-love and confidence to our audience is a key tenant of our messaging and overall brand ethos.

We feel so lucky to have the coolest angels in our community wearing FS, and we love hearing from you—what you love, who you are and what inspires you. We couldn’t do it without you!