“Frasier Sterling’s designs are quirky, colorful, eye catching and super on-trend, all at a fraction of the cost some of the brand’s competitors charge"

“It’s time to follow Bella Hadid and embrace the beauty of mushrooms”

“Many of the pieces it girls wear on a daily basis are actually affordable”

“Few bags have the staying power of the baguette and Frasier’s hot take is a must own”

“Think of Frasier Sterling as that trendy BFF who always wears pieces that you wish that you could steal for yourself”

“Frasier Sterling is for kids of any decade, get your name (or what ever else you want) customized in dangling charms”

"Every piece is carefully crafted, and the tiny details — including glittery accents, colorful string, and bits of beading — make each item feel totally unique."


These Looks Are Going Viral